Step 6 My nanny will be returning part time

If you are going to use the extended Furlough Scheme on a part time basis, then please complete the message box below. If you are using the scheme on a full time basis, then complete Step 2 'Furlough my employee' instead.

Employers can decide the hours and shift patterns that the employee will work on their return and will be responsible for paying the employee's wages in full while working.

This means employees can work as much or as little as the employer requires them to, with no minimum time that an employer can furlough their staff for.

If you want to furlough your employee part time, please complete the form below with as much information as possible including:

  1. Start date of the part-time furlough,
  2. The days of the week your employee will be working i.e. Monday’s and Tuesday's
  3. How many hours per day your employee will be working
  4. If you wish to pay at 80% or 100%

1. Your details