Step 3 Set-up my HMRC PAYE Online account

If you have used the CJRS also known as the Furlough Scheme before then you should have already completed this step and have access to your HMRC online PAYE account

HMRC have advised that all claims for furloughed employees’ salaries must be submitted via an HMRC PAYE online account. We would have liked to have done this for you, however, HMRC has informed us that we cannot claim for our customers on their behalf as the information held within the HMRC online account contains sensitive personal data about you.

What do I need to do now?

You will need to set-up an HMRC PAYE online account, without this account you will not be able to apply for the funding. You will find below a step-by-step guide to assist you in setting up an HMRC PAYE online account.

Important details you need to set-up your HMRC PAYE online account

As you are not logged in to the Furlough Portal, click the button below and we will email you your details.

Request details

Step by step guide to setting up your HMRC PAYE online account

Depending on if you have a business tax account use the relevant step by step guide to set up your HMRC PAYE Online account.

I already have a Business Tax Account (HMRC online account)

Log in by clicking on 'Login to HMRC Services' under 'You Already have an account', then select the option to enrol for ‘PAYE for Employers’ under ‘Services you can add’. If you log in and cannot add 'PAYE for Employers' this is more than likely not the right account that you need for this purpose, therefore you will need to set-up a Business Account following the details below.

I do not have an online Business Tax Account (HMRC Online account)

If you don't have an online HMRC Online Services account, click here to sign up and follow the step-by-step process below.

  1. Click on 'Enrol as a new business account holder’ under 'You do not have an account'
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Go to your email account and retrieve the confirmation code
  4. Enter your confirmation code
  5. Enter your full name
  6. Create a password
  7. Set-up a recovery word
  8. You will then be issued with a Government Gateway ID (this will be emailed to you)
  9. Sign in using your Government Gateway ID and password (you have just set-up)
  10. You will then be logged into your Business tax account
  11. Add a tax to your account’
  12. Choose ‘PAYE for Employers’ in the following two questions
  13. Choose yes to ‘Do you have an employer PAYE reference
  14. On the ‘Request access to PAYE for Employers’ page enter your payroll details above

What happens after I set-up an HMRC PAYE online account?

Once you have set up your HMRC PAYE online account you can make your claim via the Governments portal, following our Step 5 (Reclaim my furlough grant from HMRC) guidelines

In the meantime, you can work out how to calculate the amount you can reclaim in step 4.