Step 1 Confirm agreement from my employee

1. Get written consent from your employee

Before furloughing your employee, you must first get them to sign a written agreement. Download our template below.

Furlough template agreement

It is important that you don't ask your employee to carry out any work while being on full furlough.

To read more on the furlough scheme on the governments website click here

2. Temporarily your employees net salary to a gross arrangement

If your salary is on a gross arrangement (i.e. the overall figure paid by you stays the same and what your employee takes home is subject to fluctuation) you don't need to do anything.

If your employee's salary is on a net arrangement (their take home pay remains the same) we will process the salary on a gross basis for the period they are on furlough. We have to do this as the Coronavirius Job Retention Scheme has been set up on a gross salary basis.

We have created a template agreement to give to your employee to read and sign, in order for you to gain consent from your employee. You do not need to send us this agreement.

Download net agreement

Please make sure you check your employee's payslip and pay your employee the correct amount.